What Fun Is Creating Habits If There Isn't Levels To It?

We have gamified Penny Bank Plus so children can share their achievements, badges and XP scores in the Penny Bank Universe with their peers. What does XP stand for? It stands for experience. Parents we know you are a great motivator but peer influence hsd proven to be just as effective as they level up with their friends. Penny Bank removes the bore out of chores with our XP scores! #Bars

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Founders Allowance

Video Game

At Team Penny Bank we see everyone as one big family. As an appreciation to our users we want to reward the top performers in Penny Bank Plus. As a baseline Team Penny Bank will reward the top XP earners with a $25 digital Amazon gift card when we run contest (usually monthly). Limitations do apply. Make sure to follow us on all social media channels @pennybankapp as we post updates.


XP Leaderboards

How is XP scored? XP is based off completed chores. Each completed chore is worth 5 XP points. Each time your child offers to do a chore through chore offers and your accept it they get an additional 5 XP points. The max daily XP points any child can aquire is 50.




XP Score