Team Penny Bank

Our Inner Child

To make Penny Bank great we had to tap into our inner child. We have decided instead of using professional headshots with our list of accolates we would like to share our favorite avatars from Penny Bank Plus.


Our Story and Our Mission


The idea of Penny Bank actually started as a technical school project at a cohort at UNC Charlotte. We technically were not Team Penny Bank then, we were "Group Penny Bank" and had a stiff deadline to present the concept before finals. Expanding on the concept, one of the now founders took Penny Bank outside of the classroom and was able to form Team Penny Bank. Team Penny Bank joined forces with The Blacklight Group LLC to become one of their pilot teams powering Penny Bank's initial version. We have since grown with newer iterations of Penny Bank into a diverse team of parents and technical skillsets who share a passion for creating better households for the future. One unique part of our story is our team is majority remote and some of us meet for the time in person at yearly team gatherings. Covid-19 allowed us to be creative with non-traditional ways to continue to build. Our mission is to meet kids where they are at. This is a generation that is growing up on devices and we want to be a staple in helping them learn positive habits that can carry on into adulthood. As for parents, we want to help aid by letting our systems help micromanage the small stuff in the household.

Keynote Story

Penny Bank's story told at the initial launch Keynote.

Looking to Join?

We are always looking for fresh talent to contribute to the growth of the team. If you are looking to get into cross platform web and mobile development, cloud infrastructure, UI/UX desgin or creative marketing and sales. Please reach out to us at with the header "Careers" and we will send you a list of available positions on the team.